Automated Calling, Automated Dialing, Voice Message Broadcasting


In Touch

Automated telephone messaging system offering powerful inbound voice mail coupled with outbound message delivery system.Reach thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers with your personal message. Perhaps a friendly message to alert them about a weekend sales event, or a special offer on your website, or to upgrade a product.

Ease of Use

  • No Training Necessary. The most user-friendly interface on the market.
  • Detailed help at every location. You can also get help with video; audio and colorful illustrations. It is doubtful that you would have to, but you can even get live help from our friendly Technical Support Department.
Powerful Features
  • Automatically delivers a personally recorded message to thousands of your constituents, members or customers.
  • Records verbal or touch-tone responses for quick and efficient follow-up.
    Messages are recorded and delivered digitally.
  • Redials busy and unanswered numbers.
  • No answers and answering machines can be redialed after a specific time of day that you specify. Since most non-answered numbers are due to the fact that the called party is at work, redialing after 6:00pm effectively minimizes time wasted redialing during the hours of 9am-5pm.
  • Delivers a message designed specifically to be left on answer machines.
  • Call Sessions can be setup to dial days, weeks, months or years in advance.
  • Import phone numbers quickly and effortlessly.
  • Generate and print instant reports of a call session.
  • Listen to call responses or voice mail messages through the computer speakers while a call session is in process.
  • User-definable "Toll-Prefixes" allows you to define which prefixes must be dialed as a toll number and which ones require "local" 7-digit dialing.
  • Number of rings is user-definable.
  • Call Transfer allows the called party to be transferred to a live operator by simply pressing a key on their telephone.
  • With the Consent feature selected, the called party simply presses a key on their telephone if he chooses to listen to the rest of your message.
  • Political and Public Opinion Polls can be taken quickly, and tabulated on the fly for immediate reaction.
  • Numbers in the Never Call List are automatically removed from phone lists. Numbers can be added to the Never Call List on the fly while listening to called party responses.
  • Automatically recognizes, and marks disconnected numbers.
  • Recognizes and stores fax numbers for use in fax blasting.
  • Automatically disconnects when called party hangs up.
  • To avoid accidental dialing during late night hours, InTouch allows the user to set "earliest" and "latest" calling time parameters.
  • "Do not call" days can be selected, to prevent accidental dialing on specific holidays.

Additional Features

  • Voice mail with 10,000 mailboxes. Notifies mailbox owners of urgent voice mail messages by calling their phone number and/or pager.
  • Voice mail welcome messages are time sensitive, allowing different greetings for morning, afternoon and evening.
  • With the Bulletin feature, incoming callers can be routed to 100 different "info bulletins" about your business, products or services.
  • Inbound polling allows incoming callers to take part in, political and public opinion polls. Local and national television networks utilize this feature to conduct public opinion polls
  • Remote access from any touch-tone telephone lets you create call sessions and retrieve voice mail messages and call session responses.
  • Technical Requirements